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Poop Is Popular

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Poop Is Popular


CBS’s Harry Smith had an on-air colonoscopy last week.  This is just one example of the media embracing what I predict will become a national Poop Is Popular “movement” (you should pardon the word).


Speaking of movement, I have just returned from a spectacular trip. This journey was spread over 3 weeks and was centered exclusively in the location of my new storage room.  While paying attention not enough to it, I managed over many years to gleefully amass a giant collection of midcentury ceramics and glass from flea markets around the globe, notably France and Europe.


My late friend, the wonderful New York The New Museum founder Marcia Tucker, suggested that I exhibit what she called my “art”, generously considering that I had a serious collection.  This “collection” became a serious weight on my internal space and finally baptized me into the “less is more” religion.  As of this spacious moment, the entire production is bubble wrapped and resting beautifully out of sight.


I feel as if my house took a huge poop.


In my newfound relief, I’m thinking that the matter and metaphor of poop deserves a more prominent spotlight in our national attention.  Are political pundits on both sides of the aisle suffering from constipation that leads to toxic anger? Irrationality clogs the airwaves. Irritability is certainly everywhere.  The media has become host to verbal hate fests.  Is poop the matter? 

In this Roman Coliseum-esque time when watching personal reputations  slaughtered on national television is considered great fun, I am wondering if the bowels of America are simply too clogged to allow the common decency that fecal evacuation offers.  “Letting Go” has long been pop psychology’s pet mantra, but are we equipped for it as a nation?

How to get there? 

One thing we can do, right now, is figure out where constipation exists for us personally, and do as I did.  Flush it out!


Sh*t is being slung in public, but is anyone pooping?

It Doesn’t Go Without Saying

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

This is an unsettling time in our country and it doesn’t help that the news is freely spun from no truth.  The sensationalist spin and full-frontal dishonesty on offer has most of the audience dizzy in mimicry and mental paralysis where thinking and asking questions just cease to be possible.  If this doesn’t ring a bell, it may be an indication that you’re either:  a) over-medicated or b) one of the bank bailout recipients. 

Scanning  news sites, sources, and blogs as I do to find out what people are talking and writing about is a genuinely befuddling exercise.  Yes, there are thinking people out there responding to real news, yet mostly on display is an absence of the stubborn inquiring mind that everyday reporters used to bring to their work.  This is what each of us needs to do if we are to salvage democracy.  We need to ask questions, speak out about obvious discrepancies in the stories we are told, and immediately embrace the motto, It Doesn’t Go Without Saying.

The ongoing “Dont Ask. Don’t Tell” debate  is a perfect example.  If, like myself, you are not a fan of the current wars American leaders have created and lied us into supporting,  then it doesn’t go without saying that the latest propoganda on “gay rights” is absurd.

I do not consider the overturned discrimination that will allow gays to risk their lives in dubious wars a step forward for gay rights.  Yes, the initial prejudice that bans gays from openly serving in the military is a disgrace and the law needs to be changed.  But is that really a step forward for gay rights in the way it is being advertised? If the Jews in pre-concentration camp Germany, who were forbidden to work, were  then allowed to scrub the sewers, would this have been an improved status or condition for Jewish people?

The very fact that gay people who are willing to die for America are deemed undesirable enough to be rejected by the military is sad evidence of the disease of hatred and fear.  Let’s not buy into the notion that giving gays permission to  die in American war is a vote of equality or friendliness.  That news spin is a big, bright red herring  obscuring the black and white world of prejudice that remains.

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