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Joan Rivers, Socrates, and Domestic Violence

Monday, August 13th, 2012

Joan Rivers is an unapologetic comedy bomb, setting people on fire, inciting people to spit venomous shades of phlegm.

She is the Socrates of our time, standing up for her principles, standing tall (though short) amid the fury of public response, as hemlock-laced words are hurled at her self-proclaimed plastic face.

What’s even more historical and poignant is how literally people interpret her comic style of puncturing the idiocy that is us.

Case in point: the Rhianna tweet.

Rhianna revealed in her interview with Oprah that she has a problem.

The problem is about loving someone who physically beat her.

This is called, “masochism”, and unfortunately, many women share this problem.

Joan pointed out that Rhianna is masochistic, using a humorous tweet to underline the point.

Joan obviously does not make fun of domestic violence.

Or as Joan herself might possibly say, “Stupid, stupid, stupid to say that Joan Rivers is laughing at domestic violence!”

Socrates may have been annoying, but I say thank God someone famous can slap us awake through humor and tell the truth in this phony time.

Joan’s truth and outrage are lucky for us.

Not everyone understands the truth, especially when it’s delivered by a woman with wit.

To quote the late Gore Vidal, “The worst possible thing is to be a woman with wit.  They will hate you”.

She’s a professional comic icon.

It is a remarkable gift that she constantly bothers to offer her slap-across-the-sleeping face reality, and tops it off with the ultimate gift: laughter.

Who else has this talent, this platform, and cares enough to say something real?

Yes, Joan Rivers enacts her comedy outrageously.

I’m talking Joan-chaining-her-hand-to-a-Costco-shopping-cart-Rivers.

By the way, Joan Rivers is always taking on “domestic violence”, in the form of swatting away lies fed to the American public.

Yes, I believe systemic social lies are a form of “domestic violence”, not physical, but still.

Joan spares no one as she invites people out of the fog of lies.

That’s her schtick, her delivery system, and it’s not for everyone.

So, as they say, “I get it”.

Anytime Joan “Socrates” Rivers makes the news with a fresh quip about someone in the news, the comments section is ablaze with hatred for her.

Much of the vitriol is about her age.  Hmmmmm.

Why the hate?

In 30+ years, if Jon Stewart chooses to use his platform to offer comic off-the-cuff commentary on the circus of humanity, will he be similarly reviled?

As an older man, we he be as easily dismissed and disdained as Joan Rivers is?

Even here, regarding hate, Joan Rivers is a fox who beats all haters to the punch in her excellent new book, I Hate Everyone…Starting With Me.

I want to be on the record for saying, as the stupidity in this country engulfs and invades more and more of what is offered as entertainment, there are very few funny people left standing, or even crouching.

Big problem for our intellectual and nervous system survival.

The real title of this piece was going to be, “For Christ’s Sake, it’s Joan Rivers!”, but in honor of editors empowered with choosing what gets published, and erring on caution, I’m duty-bound to report, I decided that the existing title has more PG punch.

What I still want to say is, For Christ’s Sake, It’s Joan Rivers!

In other words, wake up and enjoy her while you can!

Note to all  women haters, obsessed with aging women’s bodies, why don’t you check your misogyny at the gaping hole of your brain’s mouth.

We live in a time when Joan Rivers, comic genius, is alive.

No one else, no other well-known celebrity, let alone comic pioneer, has the talent or the guts to keep it uncensored and flowing; to fearlessly give so much of herself, and to endlessly work on giving more and more, as does Joan Rivers.

No one ever will again.

Hillary Clinton’s World Affairs

Monday, August 6th, 2012

Hillary Clinton must be exhausted.

Aside from knowing the inside scoops and hate-filled truths of the world’s biggest trouble spots, she is constantly flying to the rescue to cool down dangerous political bonfires, and now this.

Just what she needs: a bee problem.

Yes, it seems Hillary and her traveling escorts were greeted by a swarm of bees as they were exiting Malawi.

By the way, does anyone follow Malawi, or even understand Malawi?

I have a theory that Americans, for the most part, have rarely been exposed to the knowledge and understanding of world affairs.

Therefore, it must be especially ADD-producing to view television news clips of war, people screaming their lungs out in other languages, and violent disasters happening in places we don’t know about.

I am not saying it is unimportant to know about the world.

I’m saying that it’s not uncommon for Americans to be ignorant of neighborhood happenings just 30 minutes away from home.

We are especially ignorant and unschooled about distant, non-tourist-loving parts of the world.

I often wonder what people are thinking when they see extreme clips of angry mobs of citizens in other countries.

What is this nightly tsunami of the world’s hells in headlines doing to our psychology and well-being?

Do we feel we can help to personally heal the horrific events we watch?

Or are we glazing over with helplessness, too overwhelmed and flooded by angry, violent images to feel anything?

Except maybe anger, overwhelm, and fear.

Of course, this is a large matter; not easily solved.

I firmly believe the first step to figuring out how to handle a problem, even the size of American overwhelm and the concluding widespread depression of our people, is to point it out!

In other words, say something!

Which brings me back to Hillary Clinton.

It is easy to imagine Hillary’s humongous 2012 calendar, with big Xs, crossing-off each day as she moves closer to her freedom from being Secretary of State.

Her soon-to-be release must be supplying gusts of wind to her formidable sails.

For us, not such a good thing.

This may be my own personal fiction, but since I believe it, it’s nice to know that Hillary knows Malawi and the rest of the world, and that Hillary is always on the case.

A future without Hillary’s brilliant presence, both behind the turbulent scenes, and smack-center on the world’s shaky stage, is daunting.

Let’s wish Hillary a well-earned, blissful personal hiatus, and pray for her prompt return to the affairs of the world.

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