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The Meticulous Political Dance of a Manic Media

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

We are rounding the bend toward the last act in this season’s power play of a Presidential campaign.

Just when you think the two teams couldn’t possibly sink any lower in their rabid attempts to kill off the other, another day of media sound bite analysis dawns.

At this moment, it’s the Romney riff on how helpless a passenger—i.e. his wife, Ann—would be on a burning plane.

He described the helplessness of this entrapment, including a mention of the plane’s unopenable windows.

Rachel Maddow’s response to this tidbit is particularly disappointing, because I think so highly of her.

She expresses outrage and shock that Romney may not understand that windows on a plane simply cannot open.

Come on, Rachel.

I know it is seductive to jam forward on the Romney retard roll, but surely, there are worthier issues on this candidate, and the other, Obama, to cover in those expensive CNBC moments.

Civil rights, for example.

I am positive Romney knows not only that airplane windows do not and cannot open, but also why this might be so.

I am not positive about his core feelings toward a woman’s right to orchestrate her own physical decisions on abortion or any other medical procedure.

I also am soundly uncertain about the veracity of Obama’s plans for gay rights. Offering a public statement of support while backed against the wall does not an authentic freedom make.

Of course, I am well aware of the economy we all are experiencing.

I am reminded often that civil rights must temporarily step aside for the financial good of all Americans.

Economies must first grow, people must have jobs.

I obviously don’t subscribe to the bracketing of freedom, while working to put our financial house in order.

However, shouldn’t we be zeroing in on these issues, rather than pretending to gasp in horror that Romney wants to open the windows of a smoke-filled airplane?

He obviously was giving a public response to the potential horror of losing his wife.

Just as Obama is obviously holding hands with Michelle on the Barbara Walters daytime television program, The View, to indicate his devotion and closeness with his wife.

It will be interesting to watch the last few weeks of media focus on this campaign.

Let’s see what the producers of the expensive television moments will choose to analyze and broadcast to a mentally blurred and fatigued American audience.

Clint Eastwood: Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

The Republicans, desperate to showcase a famous Hollywood star supporter of the Romney/Ryan ticket, ended up “making the day” for Democrats in giving Clint Eastwood 12 minutes for a clearly inferior stand-up routine at the convention.

On a comedic level: awkward, amateur, and excruciating are words that quickly come to mind. Although apparently nothing quickly came to mind to Mr. Eastwood, who struggled with both words and timing in his act.

Eastwood is obviously aging; no fault of his.

However, someone in either the actor’s management camp or perhaps a public relations professional, might have at least rehearsed with the guy.

In one single swoop, Eastwood revealed the decline of his mind and a doddering personal style we regrettably have now witnessed.

We could simply say with a compassionate sigh, “too much information”, regarding the soggy mental capacity of the man, if this failed performance had occurred, say, at a Republican fundraiser or any one of the dozens of off-label celebrity awards shows that might have featured the aged John Wayne of our time.

We all wonder now how Mitt Romney felt about this sad attempt to promote the idea of Republican celebrity endorsement.

Is the Republican nominee wincing and regretting Eastwood’s narcissistic, inane attempt at stand-up comedy during this pivotal televised launch of Romney’s Presidential run.

Bizarre is one word; empty is another.

And I’m not talking about the empty chair where President Obama metaphorically sat.

Eastwood referred to the presence of many fellow actors at the Tampa convention.

The only person he could remember or name was “Academy Award winner”, Jon Voight.

An embarrassing moment of forgetfulness, or the actual only other Hollywood representative in Tampa?

One wonders.

Either way, the other question is how this ends up impacting the launch of Mitt Romney.

Oh, and one other thing: is there any real humor in the Republican party?

In any case, wrong role for Eastwood.

Keep your day job if you can, Clint.

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