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Whoops, There He Goes Again

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Methinks the President is a tad homophobic.

It’s time now for Obama Inauguration Number 2, and he has chosen another homophobic Evangelical pastor to deliver the benediction.

Thankfully, this time, the pastor of his choice, Louis Giglio, of Atlanta, has reportedly excused himself from this honor.

Some of us are still smarting from the antics of the formerly-evolving Obama. You know, the mute Obama, prior to his being cornered into vocal support of same-sex marriage by Joe Biden.

You remember, the Obama whose Inauguration Number 1 included his choosing homophobe Rick Warren to be his pastoral representative.

Yes, that Obama.

Then we—that is, all civil rights-loving people–tried to buy in to the public relations excuse that Obama was still “evolving” on his views about homosexuality.

Let me say something about Presidential evolving.

If anyone plans to be President of this country, please do your evolving about freedom and civil rights on your own time, before you make a run to lead us.

And if you are not evolved, don’t ask for our money and support.

I don’t know about you, but I have stopped evolving about Obama.

His actions are a clear communication.

It is not a coincidence of a madcap déjà vu that President Obama once again, Inauguration 2, personally invites a ranting homophobe as his Inauguration pastor.

It is more than a coincidence.

He has made the same choice again to pick a blatant homophobic clergy man to represent him and his presidency.

I realize there are many people who believe this is simply not an important matter, or even that it’s ridiculous to talk about it.

The world seems to be in high-strung political and economic collapse, and here I am pointing out that the President is inappropriately homophobic.

All I can say is that if this was regarding any minority of people being “dissed” by our President, I would be outraged enough to point it out.

I professionally watch what people choose to do, and this always, more than words can say, tells me who I am dealing with.

No exception for Obama.

People can change, or even “evolve”, when that word is not used as a lie or a cheap cover-up.

I love seeing this happen, when someone’s bigotry or hate “truth” is eviscerated by self-awareness and wisdom.

The sad reality is that Obama has not evolved, and there is no difference between his position about homosexuality and the position of many ignorant racists among us.

I am not as arrogant as I sound.

I don’t personally know President Obama.

I only know him, as I know anyone else, by his actions.

In my most personal experience of the President, I have two actions to study.

One is his ongoing love of being represented famously by religious figures who are tainted with hatred toward others.

And secondly, I have a lovely Christmas card sent to me from President Obama, his family, and his dog.

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