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Oh No! The #1 Reality Television Side Effect

Sunday, January 19th, 2014

Chances are, you are well aware of what reality television is doing to your brain.

Remember the fried egg drug commercial?

The one with the “this is what drugs do to your brain” voiceover?

It turns out that having your brain become a fried egg is only a relatively bad thing.

Scientists are now reporting that after only one hour of watching any reality show, when at the same time accompanied by reality “star” voices or “vocals”, the brain disappears!

Yes, you heard me.

Gone. Finito. Buh-bye.

The primary cause is something called EBMD, or Epidemic Brain/Mood Degeneration.

This is a source of acute concern in the brain sciences community, although neither the FDA or the MDA will confirm the findings.

Furthermore, the media networks are insisting that this is an old study, with CBS and many cable channels leading the defense of reality television by moving to add real actors and legitimate celebrities, outside of reality television, into the reality products.

In so doing, they are at least admitting that a dimension of the brain damage from reality programming has been caused by a flood of talentless, mentally empty real people “scripted” into the reality show.

One cannot help but muse that these mentally empty reality “stars” serve as role models, aka audience brain disease entry points, providing repeat reality show viewers a rocket trip into the mirroring and mimicking of specific style, pacing, and vocabulary of emptiness.

Apparently, there is no turning back.

The epidemic of EBMD is nourished nightly and spawning into new generations, even as we breathe.

Thus, it is believed that America is suffering from a genetically driven shortage of on-air talent, leading directly to the empowerment of the stupid.

Not only is this fatal for the soul.

It can finally be said that stupidity in any dosage, let alone viewing and inhaling it on television throughout the week, is deadly for the healthy brain, as well as for the psychological health of the human being.

The question, of course is, as always, who stands to gain from these deliberate brain-killing productions?

Inevitably, the answer is to look at the sponsors.

There the culprits are, offering the perfect pills as antidotes for the brain-dying side effects from reality programming.

The pharmaceutical companies may be sinister, but they sure have a secure business going.

Let’s have a look.

First you kill off the brain, by funding and airing the reality show.

Then you sell the brain-dead audience the promised “cure” for the resulting depression, anxiety, early-onset Alzheimers, inflammation, sexual dysfunctions.

Be sure to quickly race, sotto voce, through the possible death warnings attached to each pill product.

No danger here to the product.

No one has the brain power or sensitivity to the word, “death”, anymore.

The blasting life and death volume of reality show scenarios and music have eliminated the nerve veneers.

And so, the selling of poisoned pills for the side effects of the disappearing brain, caps off another episode of brain evacuation.

There is hope.

Alternative health advocates still advise that EBMD need not be a death sentence.

Yes, the return of the working brain is possible, but only by eliminating all reality show programming.

And probably by eliminating all poison pills, as well.

It’s still a free, if much more difficult, country.

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