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What Would John Kennedy Do?

Friday, June 20th, 2014

The soundtrack of our lives in America is the drumming of approaching war. · Washington Is Beating The War Drums — Paul Craig Roberts (6/17/2014) is an excellent article for anyone wishing to be educated about America’s imminent war plans.

Meanwhile, we routinely remain enthralled in personal nonsense while this obvious beat for war grows louder; the thrill of shiny new cell phone technology , reality show competitions, and new faux communication devices, are powerfully distracting us.

Kim Kardashian’s wedding wardrobe is not even halfway out of our sight, as the world deepens its animosity with American global ambition and America sharpens its cases for war.

Whether warring with Russia or Iraq, it appears as if the extreme nuclear potential, and what this means for the planet, is not given a whiff of care or thought, apart from the goals of reaping more power and control of the world.

A deadly nuclear possibility was well understood by our once- in-a-lifetime peace President, John F. Kennedy.

He knew specifically what a nuclear exchange would mean.

Against the outrage of the military and his own Joint Chiefs of Staff, Kennedy enlisted the seemingly unlikely Nikita Khrushchev as a partner in averting such a disaster.

Therefore, thanks to Kennedy, and Khrushchev, we are alive and able to learn from this example. But will we?

While being human and far from perfect, John Kennedy grew quickly while in office. He was a former Cold Warrior who had the unique ability as a world leader to learn and foresee the potential for the end of the world not only for America and Americans, but for everyone in the world. He deeply cared about all people surviving, as inconvenient, and personally deadly, as his caring proved to be.

Did you know that he secretly instigated a correspondence with Soviet Premier Khrushchev to build a peaceful alliance during and following the Bay of Pigs invasion? “The Bay of Pigs” invasion, and what it was all about, is hardly known by most Americans.

It is well worth studying as a landmark event that marked the potential end of the world that was successfully avoided, chiefly because of Kennedy.

Are you aware of his reaching out to Castro to begin a commitment of peace between America and Cuba during that fierce Cold War era?

Or that he refused to send combat troops into Vietnam, against the almost unanimous urgings of his Joint Chiefs of Staff?

All of this proved deadly for Kennedy. Yet, I can’t help wondering if our leaders were to follow in JFK’s footsteps in urgently negotiating attempts for peace in the world, what would our world look like today?

Kennedy’s growth as a being of peace, his deepening of personal and worldly wisdom and his clarity of vision as a leader is remarkable to discover.

The brilliant book, JFK and the UNSPEAKABLE, by James W. Douglass, is a thoroughly researched and enthralling account of the factual record of John Kennedy’s leadership toward peace, behind the headlines, and how he died.

To say the least, a mere peek of Kennedy’s courageous trajectory makes Obama’s “evolving” on gay people, for instance, appear as petty, cowardly, and transparently political as it is.

With the knowledge and understanding of specific actions and aspirations for peace that Kennedy was in the process of putting into place up until the day he died, would we not mourn the diminutive slide show of our current “leaders”?

As the bad news rolls in from antagonistic locations and the question of American military “support” looms larger, I can’t help but wonder.

What would John Kennedy do?

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