Cheryl Pappas


Infinite Knowledge In Now

So something wonderful has happened to you, and you can’t quite take it in, or feel it inside.

You are reliving something negative you have always believed about yourself, and you have a chance to be updated. Now.

You are holding onto a picture of yourself frozen from childhood during one of your “failures”.

There can be no failure, in reality, for children. Only individual learning paths and personal experiences added into the scene of how your family treated you.

If you were disrespected, you carry those feelings of shame and this shame is ultimately replayed over and over again. Scenes will appear where these feelings can be fully felt.

We can be crushed again and again or we can be freed.

This is heavy. We rarely know what is going on when it happens.

Most people are thus robbed of the pure joy of living spontaneously; cheated out of knowing who they are.

Rather, every emotional exchange harkens back to what we felt about ourselves in childhood.

There is no immediate real- time living for most people!

There is little room for aliveness in the shit storms of the past.

There has been a crime, if there is no Now for people.

The point is to identify the past, firmly, then lightly, and open to the true moment. Now.

There is infinite knowledge in Now.

But you have to grab it.

3 Responses to “Infinite Knowledge In Now”

  1. Faithful says:

    I think Ram Dass had inhabited you.

  2. admin says:

    You might be right, Faith. You are the 2nd person to say this about this piece.
    Let’s hope it’s temporary, although I had lunch with him years ago and he was a lovely man!

  3. Would it be okay to put a portion of this on my own personal site basically submit a reference point to this web site?

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