Cheryl Pappas


Turning The Page On Hatred and Commercial Christmas “CaCa”

The convergence of the holiday and ramping-up political seasons are upon us. The most wonderful time of the year, right?
Maybe yes, is the surprising answer.
The Republican candidates are openly displaying their hatred and ignorance like never before. Their insanity is a gift, because it is so transparently insane.
It has become impossible to ignore the ugly underbelly of the anti-people messaging.
Yes. Anti-humanity, anti-generosity, anti-love.
Quick question. If one is against abortion on the justification of love for the fetus and human life, how is it possible to hate women who consider abortion and the doctors who help them. Are they not also human and deserving of staying alive?
We all know by heart this line of wonder and the absurdity of attacks on Planned Parenthood and a woman’s right to choose abortion.
I am preaching to the congregation here.
I am also offering a peak of possitivity in the current shift in our society.
The Republican candidates are staging a circus day and night, the performers getting louder and more mindless, seemingly to out-idiot each other a la late night lounge performances.
Their initial show, stunningly cast and hysterically scripted–Trump, the “doctor”, Rubio, Cruz, et al— struck many as entertaining and surprisingly transparent, yet the thrill is gone. More and more people are remembering that this is our country we are talking about, and stupid jokes are free to belch out where ever appropriate, as in off-hour comedy clubs for a drunk audience.
Americans are drunk with denial and hope, but not that drunk!
In spite of the cheerleaders and champions on the right who hoarsely hawk their wares on cable news, viewers and the general public are exhausted by outrageous lies and negativity.
This is the change that we may have to listen carefully for, but it is there to be heard. Even as the voices of hate attempt to scare us, in ever more shrieking octaves.
The problem is that people who enjoy an open forum for hate-spewing are particularly excited to grab it now that election campaigning is in full swing.
The terror attacks in Paris certainly open the door for more fear attacks on people of the world, brought to us by the media and people who profit by spreading hate.
Have you ever wondered why peace-loving people are not hyped up with intense agitation to scream their views on cable news?
And yes, on the commercial Christmas front, Mercedes and Lexus commercials gobble up television air space, as if luxury cars make a viable, reasonable gift choice for the masses to bestow upon their loved ones.
However, there is also a successful ad campaign for a trio of department stores, including Marshall’s, featuring a reminder that the greatest things in life, i.e. love, are free. This is quickly followed, of course, by the suggestion that cheap holiday gifts can be found at their stores, but still, the approach is uncommonly humane for corporate Christmas.
The Trump hysteria is sputtering to a halt like a dying battery as Trump Trumps himself in his demonstration of just how emotionally out of control he is. This latest example that includes his wiggling his formidable body like a spastic idiot, where he mimics a physically impaired naysayer, is surely evidence of a leaky mental state.
It turns out, ladies and gents, that this is a collapsing bridge too far, even for Republicans.
Could the gift of this season be that people are not just wiped-out but also fundamentally and consciously turned off by greed and hate?
Are we turning the page on hatred?
Are more of us turning away from empty commercial holiday happiness distractions?
Look and listen for this.
It’s a happening thing.

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